February 16, 2012

The Black Eyed Kid (BEK)

A lot of people are familiar with these guys, if only because of the movie The Grudge. However, there's a less known tale circling around the world.

The stories surrounding black eyed kids always have a few common elements. There are usually two of them, one in their early teens and one several years younger, around eight or nine.

They seem to show themselves to someone when they're alone, be it walking home or sitting home alone in the evening. Upon seeing said children, the person always reports a feeling of dread or unease, even if they have yet to see the children's eyes.

The children, after either staring at their feet, or staring at you with a disturbingly pitch black set of eyes, will make a request, be it to use a phone or be escorted somewhere, or if you are home, to come in and use the phone or bathroom.

It is unclear what will happen if you give in to any of their demands, as it seems no one yet has been foolish enough to say yes to any of their demands. A few variations also include the disturbing detail that some of these children have talons rather than toenails, and some say that at first the children are smiling, in a very unsettling way, and as their pleas go unanswered, the smiles slowly fade and the pleas quickly become demands, leading to windows rattling and doors being pounded on.

There are theories claiming these children to be demons, which, with entirely black eyes and talons for toe nails, is understandable, and there's even a story of a town in Romania, called Sighisoara, that was said to be built on the demand of a black eyed kid.

The town of Sighisoara is built overtop of a crossing of ley lines, or lines of power, which is rumoured to attract demonic creatures, which would explain why a black eyed child, if it is a demonic creature would make such a request.

The 'demon' was described as being a “black eyed child” – black eyed as in completely black, no white of the eye, simply pure blackness, and was a child of a local, adopted by a Roman settler.

Said Roman settler built a fort there, named “Castrum Sex”, which means “Fort Six” in Latin. The Citadel of Sighisoara was built later on, centuries after, around the walls of an old Roman fort which still has an inscription, “Castrum Sex” or “Fort Six” visible on it. The tablet stated the fort was completed in the year 66 A.D.

A town built on the order of a black eyed kid, home to a fort named Fort Six, that was finished in the year 66 A.D. Just a bit too unsettling to dismiss.

So, I round off this first post with this recommendation. If you are approached at night, or there is a knock at your door, and you find yourself staring down a child with pitch black eyes, do yourself a favor.


And as always, if any of you have tales or experiences of your own involving any of these beasties, please post said stories on the monsters' respective pages!!


  1. so so scary i am just going to pretend theres no such thing ..... alright its not working

  2. If it is a demon, I believe its name is "Achiri". Achiri is a demon who disguises itself as a child

  3. At least you have to give them permission to come in. Might hinder them a bit.