February 16, 2012

The Manananggal

Besides having a mouthful for a name, the manananggal, also from the Philippines, is a very strange creature indeed. During the day, she appears every part a normal-looking lady. By night however, especially during a full moon, something disturbing happens. She grows fangs, long claws, huge leathery wings sprout on her back, and most disturbing of all, her upper body separates from her lower half with her guts hanging out.

This lady beast, like every other creature here, eats humans, chowing down on all the vitals of the chest. She seems to especially favor pregnant women. When night falls, she flies to rooftops, looking for those with weak points she can take advantage of. Once locating one, her long, thin, needlesharp tongue slides in through whatever gap or break she found, and pierce her victim with it, draining blood from their body. If her victim was pregnant she would feed on the unborn child. Eating unborn children extends the life of a manananggal.

The only known way to kill such a creature is once the upper body detaches, if the lower half can be found, then one has to sprinkle salt or crushed garlic onto it, causing it to burn. This doesn't kill the upper half, but it prevents it from taking on its human guise, forcing it to hide in shadows at night, or risk burning in the sun.

So rather than having a pretty lady wandering around town during the day, we'll now have a pissed off flying torso looking for more people to eat out of spite... lovely.

And as always, if any of you have tales or experiences of your own involving any of these beasties, please post said stories on the monsters' respective pages!!


  1. My mom lived in the Phillipines, shortly before she moved to California in the US.. * right now she's working at the Casino in PA, and I'm there too with my brother, my dad and other family members x3 * and then, she told me a story about at a hotel where the owner put garlic everywhere at her room, and once, she looked up, and a long tongue was hanging from the roof. Or at least, she thought it was a tongue. Um... I think this thing is quite real. .-.

  2. this story is true. i was born and raised in st. Louis, Missouri and i am half white and half filipino, when my family decided to go to Siquijor, a province in the Philippines where most of the creepy stuff happens, we stayed in an old mansion my grandfather owns and the second day of our stay, a child was found dead and his guts missing. true story. i have to beg my mom to leave and unfortunately she said no.

  3. "forcing it to hide in shadows at night, or risk burning in the sun."