February 16, 2012

The Tiyanak

This creature, which makes me rethink parenthood, comes to us from the Philippines.

The Tiyanak (also Tianak or Tianac) is a vampiric creature in Philippine mythology that takes the form of an infant or child, usually a newborn baby and cries like one in the jungle to attract sympathetic passerybys. Once it is picked up by the unsuspecting victim, it reverts to its true form and attacks. The tiyanak is also said to take delight in leading travelers into the jungle with their cries until they're hopelessly lost.

While different legends have different versions, the stories all share the details of it taking the shape of a young child or infant, and crying and wailing desperately for help. Some versions even say it keeps it's form of a baby, but develops fangs and claws before it attacks, which is even more unsettling.

The 'true form' tends to vary a bit more. Some versions say it takes the form of a little old man with wrinkled skin, a long beard and mustache, a flat nose and eyes the size of small coins.

Other versions say that it can fly, in the infant form, or will transform into a black bird before flying off.

Regardless of what its true form looks like, considering the only way you can survive such an encounter is to ignore the sound of a baby wailing its little heart out, a sound which is claimed to be one of the most heartbreaking, upsetting sounds to endure, this creature is definitely not high on the 'Have to See it!' list.

And as always, if any of you have tales or experiences of your own involving any of these beasties, please post said stories on the monsters' respective pages!!

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